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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Tips for planning a vacation to Europe

Before you can relish the authentic Spanish tapas, or experience the natural beauty of the rooftop terraces in Prague, there is a list of important things that you need to note down.

First and foremost, it is important to get your obvious documents in place. Make sure you have your passport and visa ready!

For Indian Passport holders, a Schengen Visa might be required. Travelling on a Schengen Visa means that the visa holder can travel to all member countries (22 EU states – excludes the UK) using one single visa, avoiding the hassle and cost of obtaining individual visas for each country. This is great for travelers who wish to visit several EU countries on the same journey.

If you are planning to rent a car there, make sure you have a valid car license of your hometown and the international driving permit.

For a well-planned escape to Europe, you also need to establish a budget; one of the most important things is to check the relevant foreign exchange rates online. Knowing the currency value will help you in deciding your trip budget with ease and will ease your shopping decision when wanting to compare prices with your home-country.

An international foreign currency exchange specialist like Travelex can provide great exchange rates at zero commission when you reserve your travel money on their website. Their online currency converter is also very useful in comparing different exchange rates. You can also request a free home delivery and their Forex experts are always happy to help.

Once you are decided on your budget and you know how much you will be spending approximately, choose the places that should be on your must-visit list, surf the internet and check out important matters such local hotels and accommodations, sightseeing, things to do, local food and delicacies, shopping, prices, any seasonal events as well as the weather forecast.

It is important to decide on a travel itinerary and think about local transport options and the approximate duration it takes before you take off to the continent. This will help you in understanding the amount of time you will consume in traveling.

Keeping all these things in place will definitely allow you to enjoy and have a memorable holiday.

Happy travel!

Ways be a traveler which happy and Healthy Life

  1. Improve your social skills. Making new friends is one of the benefits of being a traveler. Chatting with your hotel roommate, making small talks with your seat-mate on a train, or joining a lively discussion at a local bar can improve your social skills especially when you travel alone. If new situations make you anxious, traveling is a great way to get you relaxed.
  2. Reduce stress. A remarkable approach to rejuvenate and relieve yourself is taking some time to relax. Staying at home and building up your energy is a good way, but being a traveler can free you from the daily chores and responsibilities. You can focus on yourself for the moment, and you will get your lost passion for life.
  3. Fulfill your goals. Make a trip checklist, and cross out the items one by one, so you can stay targeted and motivated. It can include visiting someplace or finishing a feat like ascending a mountain, mastering a dialect. Your achievements can build up your confidence and give you a sense of accomplishments.
  4. Stay fit. You seldom follow the convention once you get addicted into being traveler. You may spontaneously stop to enjoy the roadside scenery. Keeping walking without feeling tired — this wonderful experience will surprise you. Now you wish more — better views and more difficult hiking. When you go back home, you will exercise more to get ready for more challenging hiking. And you begin to look forward to conquer a new goal.
  5. Be more adaptable. Sometimes things go against your wishes in a trip. Your flights may be canceled, or you’re well-prepared for an epic outdoor expenditure but it rains. It’s okay– you can take another flight or change to bus or train, or you may find a bookstore or cafe worth patronizing in that rainy day. Being a traveler makes you open-minded, adaptable and take things as they come.
  6. Be more patient. Waiting is common in a trip. You have to wait in line for a flight or a meal. Learn to deal with waiting, or chat with the people near to you, or be calm in a frustrating situation, these will teach you how to be patient in different situations.
  7. Good for enhancing affection. A survey shows that the couple traveling together has a better relationship. Though a trip can’t improve your relationship, it can combine your relationship at least. You both can enjoy a relaxed moment without worrying about family chores like washing dishes or walking the dog.

Choose luxury Travel destinations

Luxury travel is all about relaxation and peace – to spend best times without looking at the cost or expenditure. For the greatest and refreshing vacation the traveler can pick the place by browsing the internet. Since, the introduction of the internet and online travel portals luxury travelers has found a great platform to choose the best luxury destination for the escapade. In luxury travel services become exclusive as prices of those service goes up.

Luxury travel is anyone’s lifetime desire – spending the day on the ice, sleeping in a Paris hotel for weeks and cruising on the sea. In every sense, Luxury travel is to pamper yourself with the best things of the world. There are Luxury travel adviser who can give you idea of places to visit which have all the myriad character of the world to spoil you. They work as agents and will provide you with extensive details about the place, language and culture to formalize you with your destination. You can also choose online travel guides, with all the information ready with a click of mouse.

The Luxury tour and travel operators can offer you the best possible services on the planet when it comes to traveling. They can also provide you with the access to the museum even after closing hours. This is what luxury travel advisers and operators are best at. You can always pick what you want including:

Cruises: Cruise is the best thing ever happens to the luxury travelers with the best and pampering facility in the lap of the sea. Holland America Line offers the Grand World Voyage which can take you around the world crossing six continents. The period of the sail is around 12-18 months. This is what you will find most luxurious in the world. A comfortable package which takes you to the most exotic places of the world to pamper you; On board, you can enjoy the unmatchable services.

Spas: You can witness the most beautiful and rejuvenating spas in the remote and private islands, offering you spiritual transformation.

Luxury and Adventure: Not all luxuries are adventure but adventures are luxury, in fact you can enjoy hunting in the Hawaiian mountains or can enjoy fishing on a private yacht.

Safari: A luxurious safari is a lifetime experience. Money can buy pleasure and Safaris are unadulterated pleasure. Watching wild animals, elegant and comfortable accommodation, and exemplary dining experience in the middle of nowhere is what a luxury safari can provide you.

Experience Luxury on Trains: You may have only heard about the romantic journeys by train in novel or intriguing stories of train traveling in movies. The Orient Express is epitome of luxury. The Luxury Travel Adviser operators offer private rail car with experienced staff to make it all memorable for the luxury travelers.

Reason to Visit the Queen of Hills

Originally a small hamlet amidst lush tropical Nilgiri hills, Ooty was inhabited by Toda tribes and such other folks. But today, it has become one of the most appealing hill resorts in India thronged by thousands of tourists annually. There are several reasons, which have kept tourists from far and wide pouring in to this marvelous town. Natural delights, cultural bounties, throbbing adventures and exquisite wildlife are some of that reasons. Have a look on what makes Ooty such a profound holiday spot.

Natural beauty: Visit Ooty Lake to engulf with a matchless serenity & solace, take stroll in the Botanic Gardens to soothe eyes with amazing greenery or head on to Dodebetta Peak to soak up stunning vistas of could-kissing hills and surrounding greenery. OK, leave it! Go wherever your path leads you and I’m sure you would come through a mesmeric beauty of nature. Lovely landscapes, picturesque plantations, gushing rivers and cascading waterfalls all around make Ooty truly a piece of heaven.

Heart-throbbing Adventures: Ooty is certainly the best choice for adventure-seekers and wildlife enthusiasts. A large of trekking trails makes the region a dream destination for hikers. Apart from that, trailing, fishing, motor biking and camping are other adventuresome activities you can undergo during Ooty tour. The lush green Nilgiri hills boast an exotic range of flora & fauna and are a real delight for nature-lovers and wildlife photographers.

Graceful Ooty hotels: The delightful stay in lap of nature offered by Ooty Hotels is an added attraction for Ooty travelers. Luxurious amenities, loveable hospitality and 24-hours customer services – top-star Ooty hotels have been the real enraptures for leisure travelers. Breathtaking views of surrounding landscapes leave the guests spellbound. Ooty has a wide selection of hotels to choose from. There are heritage hotels which offer contemporary amenities in traditional style; there are luxury hotels which have been enthralling the visitors through modern ambiences, and there are economical guest houses which offer quality stay at reasonable rates.

Shopping & Dining: Shopping & dining in Ooty is always a rewarding experience. Newly established shopping malls, traditional local markets and a great number of street-side stalls allow quality shopping for every need and budget. The main Bazaar is the hub for shoppers, where they buy a handsome range of goods under a single umbrella. Handmade Chocolates are popular item of shopping in Ooty. Apart from that, you can buy Jewelry, painting, pottery, and stone crafts. Don’t miss to buy quality tea or coffee from Ooty take some to home.

Ooty is a foodie’s heaven scattered with a wide range of restaurants offering a gamut of cuisines, both local and intercontinental.

When planning for Ooty tour, you better take help of a professional travel agency. A variety of Ooty packages are offered by travel companies to ensure vacationer a hassle-free and pleasurable vacation. With a careful research online, you can find your suited deal.