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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Trips to plan Kenya Safari tour

Planning for a trip to Kenya Safari is certainly a great idea, but you are suggested to make your plan effective to explore lots of fun. Your first step is to gather all important information regarding the place. It is important for you to choose a right time to visit the place. However, getting complete fun of Kenya Safari depends on the mood of the weather. In this case, finding a right tour operator is a great decision to get relevant details about the appropriate weather condition for visiting this place.

Make sure that your tour operator is reliable and possesses a good track-record to assist you in a better way. Besides this, your personal interests and tastes are certainly helpful in describing the itinerary of your holidays. Despite the weather condition worldwide is not easy to be predictable, Kenya tops in the list of those countries known for having unpredictable conditions.

Now, the main question is, the best season to visit Kenya Safari? Well, you can access this place during dry months, from December to February. These are known to be the hottest month and the best time to behold the eye catchy beauty of various tourist spots located in this area. Moreover, June and August are known to be cooler temperature. Many visitors find difficulty in deciding the famous place to visit.

Many tourists prefer to see the migration of Masai Mara, especially during the months of July through October. Besides this, those who are seeking to get amazing experience of wildlife tours can visit the Tsavo National Park, famously known to be the largest park in the country, and having a wonderful craze among visitors for providing magnificent wildlife tour. Moreover, you can also visit some smaller parks that include Aberdare, Samburu, and Meru, which certainly provide more encounter species.

Great Rift Valley is, on the other hand, said to be a paradise for visitors especially those who enjoy seeing birds. In addition, you can make your way towards Marine parks on the coast to get amazing diving opportunities. If you are seeking for something adventurous then you can move to Mount Kenya for the cosmopolitan and also to climb. Safari Kenya is certainly capable of meeting the expectations of those who are dreaming of perfect vacation and finding the perfect place.

When it comes to cheap Kenya Safari holidays, you are suggested to consult tour operator that offers the best tour package at an affordable price. This is also known to be the cheapest way to visit the country.

Trips to Paris with private transport and shuttle service

If you are yet to travel to the land of Paris, then you are still unaware of the most attractive enchantment of the world. Paris is a place that is not only known for one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which is the Eifel Tower. The country is full of such romance and mesmerizing beauties that have the capability of surprising you at every footstep you take in the land. Many travelers hesitate to travel to the city because of the linguistic communication problem that occurs as soon as they arrive in the capital of France. Especially they encounter this barrier of language dealing with local people.
However, as described earlier, Paris is always full of surprises; it may surprise no sooner than you step out of Orly International Airport or Charles de Gualle International Airport. You will soon get accustomed with the beneficence of Paris Private Transport as nothing can be better in case you want a hazardless and relaxing trip ahead. They will offer you private car service that will lead you to your hotel. Most of the employees, specifically drivers are well equipped with spoken English. So, you can communicate with them easily and they will take you to wherever you want to go.

It is not only painless and less hazardous, but it is very cheap at the same time. 40 to 50 Euros is the maximum amount they charge to the tourists. Along with the vehicle insurance, the cost of luggage bearing, child sitting arrangement, every type of road taxes and a lot more expanses are included with the charge. If you are with your family, you may find difficulty to push them with heavy luggage in one taxi or shuttle. In this case, choosing a large vehicle will be the best option for you and the best part is you will be able to find those cars on the same place where you can catch Paris airport shuttle.

These shuttle and private transporters are available on one hour basis as well. You may make a settlement with the transport companies and enjoy their shuttle service throughout the trip. The drivers know each and every corner of Paris like they can recognize every mark on their palm. So, feel free, explore this precious part of Europe and get amazed by the cultural vibe that comes from every single part of the loving city. is an leading travel agency in Paris. For more details about Paris airport shuttle or paris private transfer plz click here or call at +33 (0) 157 425 801

The Benefit of Online Hotel Booking before Travelling

Gone are the days when travelers with last minute arrangements to a getaway would be stranded just because reservations couldn’t be made. This is the age of online hotel booking. As long as you have access to the internet, you can get the best deal available not only on your stay but also your travel.

Did you know that 67% of Indians today choose online hotel booking? This is what a recent article in The Indian Express revealed. Being intuitive, this mode of reserving accommodation affords speed so as to let customers skim over the details and varieties with ease.

Why Choose Online Hotel Booking?

Online hotel booking provides variety and a number of beneficial deals to choose from. Customers can conduct thorough research and compare prices and terms of offers before making an informed decision. Plus, you get several other benefits as well, such as:

Saving on costs

Online hotel booking lets you save in a big way. You could use your savings for shopping, sightseeing and other expenses. Popular hotel booking websites let you have a share of their profits, which they not only incur through their flourishing business but also by avoiding the overheads one has to pay for a brick and mortar office.

Picture this – when you book through a travel agent, you end up paying commissions initially and the taxes applicable afterwards. On the other hand, when you book online, you can save money by cashing in on information about discounts on new branches being started in places you might want to go to. There is no reason not to believe in the profits that online hotel booking can provide, since the online mode is cheaper than maintaining a physical office and the sites transfer these savings to customers in the form of offers and deals. Cashing in on the competition on the web these days, you can avail the best prices from already low-cost deals!

Privacy & Safety

Stringent privacy regulations for travel websites ensure that they keep the customer’s information safe and confidential. The information customers share during online hotel booking is personal and therefore sensitive. The site/company might use this information for specific purposes instrumental to the tour program, updating customers on offers of products and services, confirmation updates, managing customer accounts and customizing their experience, and processing bills, among others. The information is kept strictly private and not shared with any third party without the consent of the customer. Today, the rules and regulations call for stringent security measures, which reputed sites ensure that they comply with at all times.

Online hotel booking not only allows you to make last minute bookings, but offers reasons that are big enough to sit at that computer and embark on a profit making spree.

Tips for travelling hassle-free in winter

This morning when you opened the bedroom window, you may found cold wind brazing of your face and arms. That’s when you realize that winter has finally arrived in the city and its time for the vacations.

Winter is the vacation season for many people like you, who toil around the whole year and look forward to blow off the steam by the year end. You may be planning to visit your hometown this winter, or may be making plans to spend some fine moments with your loved ones at a lavished destination.

Travelling is the inseparable part of every vacation and you may be in search for the best travel package, which is cheaper and luxurious. Many of you may even have a travel agent, or may resort solitary internet search.

Before you go looking for the best travel packages this winter, take a look at these 3 common, but unfollowed tips that will make your journey hassle-free.

1. Look for a local vendor that offers travel solutions

Many of you may have the habit of following bigger brand in travel industry, while booking your vacation packages. It is true that they offer attractive deals that will save you money. But there are numerous testimonials on the internet shouting loudly about the poor hotels some of these packages include. You can avoid this biased deal by checking out with local travel agents, who will be more transparent while disclosing the details of the package. You can even bargain with them and secure a great deal for yourself.

2. Book the flights yourself

Most of the travel packages come with integrated travel options, which include flight bookings. Its winter; the sky will become foggy and the weather is going to turn bad. Amidst these conditions, there are high chances of your flight being cancelled. Also, the travel packages are known to book cheaper flights or flights with longer commute time. Now, who will like to be stranded on an airport or spend half the day in the flight seat in vacations? So, it’s better to search for the flights yourself.

3. Timings of travel matter

Try to book your vacation weeks before it starts. Travellers who rely on last moment bookings are known to pay more as compared to early bookers. Similarly, choose flights in morning and avoid evening flights in your travel package. If you are booking the flights yourself, then don’t get lured away with cheaper flight deals that will lengthen your travel.

Have a Plan B, in case your main travel plan fails due to some reasons. Remember, travelling somewhere is always better than travelling nowhere for vacations.