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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Important tips for Europe Handicapped travel

The Top Europe Handicapped Travel Tips are based on experiences from traveling with wheelchair to over 80 cities in Europe and planning countless trips for other disabled travelers. Prepare well for your trip, follow these Top Europe Handicapped Travel Tips, and travel with an open mind….you’ll be sure to have a great accessible European vacation!

1) Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead: Did you know that Herculaneum has nearly identical ruins as Pompeii but is very wheelchair friendly? And that disabled cruise passengers don’t have to take the “donkey path” up the cliffs when visiting the island of Santorini? Nearly every accessibility barrier can be overcome or circumvented with the right amount of planning.

2) Book hotels far in advance: It is almost always cheaper to book your accessible hotel accommodation FAR in advance. Many disabled hotels in European city centers have only 1 or 2 disabled hotel rooms. The best ones get booked very far in advance! We often plan trips for people 9 months in advance and place them in the most affordable, most accessible, most centrally-located hotel rooms.

3) Your accessible guided tours will likely be the best memory that you have: We hear it time and time again. Seeing a beautiful city like Florence or a bustling city like London is a great experience. But to truly appreciate the special characteristics of the city, you’ll need a tour guide to point out the fascinating hidden history behind what you’re seeing.

Without a tour guide, you might walk/roll right past Hitler’s bunker in Berlin, the spot where St. Peter preached in Athens, or the location of the infamous guillotine in Paris. Tour guides will not only show you the city…they’ll bring you back in time to experience everything that has happened in the city.

4) Carefully plan your route: If you know what you’re getting into before you arrive, you’ll have a much easier time on your trip. Often there are numerous options to get between the various tourist attractions that you’re so eager to see. Some routes will have wheelchair ramps , smooth pavement, and flat terrain. Others can have steep hills, bothersome (and even dangerous!) cobblestones, and flights of stairs.

5) Stay in the most accessible parts of town: It’s one of the most difficult parts of planning your accessible trip. You may have found a great accessible hotel, but what will you find when you walk/roll out the front door? Are there hills in all directions? Will you have to roll over cobblestones to get anywhere? Are there accessible restaurants nearby?

6) Accessible public transportation options: When choosing a hotel, don’t forget to factor in the price of transportation. If you have to pay for a taxi to get to accessible restaurants, accessible shopping, and the tourist attractions, that hotel “deal” you found won’t feel so like such a good deal.

7) Experience of other Europe handicapped travelers: You’re almost certainly not the first disabled person to visit your destination. Find out the accessibility challenges that other disabled travelers encountered and how they got around them. You can check the various online travel forums to find previous traveler experiences.

8) Choose the right time of year for your destination: Many European destinations have times of year you should avoid. Visit Venice in November, and you could end up trapped by extensive flooding. Northern attractions could be cold outside of summer months, and Naples will be scorching during July and August. In Paris, the city will shut down on July 14th for Bastille Day, and virtually everywhere will shut down on May 1st for Labor Day. A great European accessible vacation will require great timing!

9) Have a back-up plan: On even the most perfectly planned accessible vacation, things can go wrong when traveling with a disability. When it does, how will you deal with it? If you prepare for all the potential issues, unexpected events won’t turn into trip potential trip-ruining problems!

10) Enjoy your trip!: You’ve done as much planning as you can. You’ve relied on the experience of other disabled travelers, and you have back-up plans. Now it’s time to enjoy your trip! Majestic cities, beautiful art and architecture, fascinating history, exquisite food, and wonderful experiences await!

Travel Tips really need to know

Travelling is art too! There is even certain rules and regulation that every traveler should follow to make his/ her journey convincing and hassle free! People who do not know the art often face unwanted problems during their journey which overall ruin the total journey experience. So in the coming holidays, if you have planned to travel all the way to Oceanside or Roosevelt with your friends and family to have fun and to relax, then make sure you already know the art of travelling to gain valuable experience.

Below are the few tips and guidelines that would help you to learn the art of travelling and will help you to boost personal gaining.

Tips and Guidelines

Research the air travel

This is very significant that you are aware of the services and support you would get in your air travel. Travelling through plane is more convincing especially when you are travelling to another country. But the convincing service can only be expected when you know what facilities they offer and how they would support your journey. Therefore, always research the plane, so that you can have a great journey.

Ask the locals for advice, tips for accommodation

Of course, you are on vacation means; you would stay at least a week in the place where you have travelled. However, picking the right place to stay is really a daunting task. Therefore, to make a right pick, this is suggested that you better ask the locals to spot great accommodation option.

Taking suggestions from locals have great benefits, you will not only find best accommodation, but also will locate some great beaches, touring locations, cultural events, dances and local music, etc. Moreover, you can enjoy local foods in some excellent restaurants.

Learn how to take a decent photo

You are on a vacation means; you probably won’t miss the chance to capture the memories. So before you get to your preferred destination, make sure you have learned how to take decent photos so that you can capture precious moments with you.

Know how much it should cost in a taxi

If you are travelling to Oceanside or say, Roosevelt, make sure you have booked Oceanside taxi service or a Roosevelt taxi service. A cab service is the best time saving option, so make sure you have made your bookings earlier before you are there!

Well, these are the certain tips and guide which is an art which will give you a convincing vacation experience!

Way to Plan a Trip For The Whole Family

The decision to travel and vacation with your family is, though, a supremely exciting one, it involves an enormous amount of care. Going with the family requires you to take care of everything- yes, exactly everything! Read on to find out what all should be kept in mind while planning that dream vacation with your family!

1. Take everybody’s opinions!

At any point of time while planning the vacation, do not forget to ask everybody what is it that they want to do during that vacation. Each of us has different expectation from our vacation. Therefore, when you are planning the itinerary and finalizing upon the things that you are going to do while on your trip, it is necessary that you take everybody’s else’s opinions too! From going to the beach to visiting the museum to spending an afternoon in museum, it is advisable that each of your family members has a say in the matter. This will ensure that all of you enjoy the vacation as a family and not as individuals!

2. Do not leave anything to the last moment!

Since you are going to move and travel as a family, make sure that everything is planned beforehand. Doing so will help you in moving effortlessly around the city without facing any hassles. For instance, do not forget to book a taxi from the airport to your hotel, among other things. Lack of planning can cause serious problems while on a family vacation! Often, such services are provided by tour companies and operators. However, do not leave anything to instincts, chances and worse- to fate!

3. Discuss and plan your budget!

Sadly enough, money plays a crucial role in the success of a vacation- more so in the case of a family vacation. It is important that you establish an understanding with your family members over your estimated budget in order to avoid bitter moments during the vacation. While you must not compromise on safety and comfort, make sure that you compare the alternatives before going for expensive options. In order to travel without any kind of discomfort in places like India, look for affordable and easy options, which won’t be heavy on your pocket!

Without a doubt, travelling with family is an adventure trip from the beginning to the last. However, if everything- from food to accommodation to a travel itinerary to tour companies and guides- not planned carefully, the vacation can turn into a disaster and that, I am sure, is absolutely unwanted! Happy Vacationing!

Way to Avoid Excessive Data roaming charges

The Internet holds much relevance for international travelers as they need to connect with their family, friends, associates and business partners, respond to their e-mails, update their social profile with images of travel, etc. Due to high global roaming charges, accessing data in foreign countries is very expensive.

How much does data cost when abroad

Using the Internet when abroad costs a lot more than it does in the home country. You are charged for internet access by megabyte (MB) of data downloaded. Therefore, a trip abroad can affect your budget if you are not prepared well in advance. With a little planning and research you can avoid paying too much to telecom companies.

Get an international Mobile internet plan

Sign up for global roaming services with wireless international service provider before you leave your home country. By activating data services on your Global Roaming SIM, you can access a number of applications and stay connected globally anytime, anywhere. You can use Skype to make international calls; and if you have a Skype In number, people can also call you. Further, you can also use WhatsApp to send messages to other users of the application.

Be sure to understand all the terms and conditions before you leave, particularly the charges, the amount of data you’re allowed to download, and the consequences of exceeding your data limits.

Get data roaming USB

Rather than access emails from your phone, you could turn off data roaming and use a Mobile internet Card for Traveler (dongle) for your laptop to keep up to date with your e-mails. By using these cards, you can get internet access across the globe at greatly reduced rates.

International data providers in India

International wireless providers in India offer a variety of data packages for global destinations, such as add-on options for a specific service or a bundle package for calls, texts and data.

Today, these Mobile internet plans are easily available in the Indian markets. Global packages of international telecom companies are quite inexpensive and can also be accessed over the website of the company. These service providers offer specific solutions to meet the requirements of different groups of people, including business class, leisure travelers, etc.

Matrix: Leading provider of international data services

Established in 1995, Matrix Cellular is a Delhi-based company which provides complete telecommunication solutions for Indians travelling abroad. The company offers cost-effective data services for accessing internet on smartphones using GlobalRoaming SIM. By providing both international and country-specific data cards, Matrix has introduced the concept of local connectivity in India. By using these Mobile Internet Cards for Travelers, one can save big on international data roaming.

“Our International Mobile Internet Cards are tailored for business and leisure travelers looking for cost effective data services for smartphones. With these services, Matrix Cellular customers can now travel to these countries without worrying about the high cost of International Data Roaming charges,” according to Mr. Gagan Dugal, Managing Director, Matrix Cellular.