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Monthly Archives: January 2017

10 Easy Steps Travel

Every day is a good day to venture on an escapade that is, of course, considering that you are not a student nor an employee. Being single and financially independent, probably running your own business can give you the luxury to travel any time you want. If you have the money and time but never have crossed your mind to travel anywhere, then you must have lost your mind. Kidding aside, your just simply missing half of your life.

So, what’s keeping you from travelling? Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from exploring the world. Here are random 10 easy travel tips to help you get started:

Determine your purpose

Why are you travelling? Ask yourself first what you want to achieve after the travel. We all travel for a definite reason. Some do this to de-stress, unwind, discover, explore, go soul searching, or just to feed their hunger for wanderlust. Each yearning can bring you to different places, and knowing your purpose can bring you to the best destination.

Choose a destination

After determining your goal, you can now limit your choices of destination. There are a lot of places within the Philippines, Asia, and other parts of the world you’ll never regret visiting. Each destination has something unique to offer, so better be prepared to get mesmerized. Also, do consider the length of your vacation. Don’t plan to travel the other side of the world if all you can spare is 2-3 days. Make sure that you spend more time appreciating the place and not the airplane and its services.

Pack your stuff

It has been said over and over again to pack light, but not everyone follow this. Carrying a lot means additional responsibility. Airlines allow a certain weight and if you happen to exceed that, you will have to pay for it. Also, you have a lot to look out for. The chances of losing any of your stuff is high, especially when you’re too busy admiring what lies in front of you. Save yourself from hassle and pack wisely.

Tap a travel buddy

It’s never easy to travel. You have to have a travel buddy, someone you think you can survive an entire day with. This person can be your sibling, parent, best friend, or your special someone. It’s also fine to travel alone, that is if you’re brave and independent enough to be in a strange land, then GO!

Book your flight

Find and transact only with accredited Philippine travel agency. There are a lot of bogus travel agencies such as overnight companies that promise irresistible to almost impossible affordable tour packages. Keep in mind that when the offer’s too good to be true, it’s alright to be doubtful.

Set your Budget

Unless you’re a royalty, elite, or a billionaire, you would need to have a budget. Not knowing how to manage your money properly is one of the common dilemmas of travellers. They either end up broke or not able to buy any souvenirs. Carry only the right amount of money, enough to make you survive a comfortable trip.

Make a plan of activities

Planning is always a good idea. Having one doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow each religiously. It only serves as a reminder of activities that you want to do and you’ll even have ample idea on where you’re going as you do your research for these activities. There’s no harm in creating a plan, at least, you are prepared come what may.

Bring a camera

Make sure to capture all that catches your attention – birds, trees, scenic views, sunset, sunrise, and the like. It’s not every day you can get to appreciate such magnificent moments, so better take a proof of it.

Carry a journal

Take time to write. Memories have expiration, and we can never tell until when we can remember all the details about our experience. The best way to preserve it is to capture a picture of it, and write whatever your emotion or what’s running in your head right at that very moment.

Worry less

Leave everything behind. Focus on the new horizon you’re about to see. You can not appreciate the beauty that lies in front of you if you’re busy thinking of negative stuff. You travel to distance yourself from your normal routine. Enjoy that time and absorb everything that is beautiful.

The honeymoon in Lakshadweep Islands

All the island countries have an amazing attraction for tourists from around the globe. The serene beauty of the waters all around with white sandy beaches are extremely alluring for every traveler. If you wish to enjoy an exotic honeymoon, then the best travel destination is the Lakshadweep Islands. Log on to Plan Luxury Trip to find out the various Lakshadweep honeymoon tour packages they offer and which one suits you the best. It is the most reliable travel partner and you rest assured that your trip would be the best ever.

The islands surrounded by deep blue waters of the Arabian Sea spreads a feeling of intense romance and a satisfying sense of relaxation transports you to a mystic world. The beauty all around is so beautiful and soothing that you can easily spend hours on the sun kissed beaches all day long and mesmerize under the star-lit sky at night. However, we arrange for sightseeing in and around the islands, as there are many beautiful places and monuments for travelers to enjoy.

Lashadweep holiday packages include visits to the Kavaratti Aquarium that is the house of some of the most unique and exclusive marine collection. The Buddhist Archaeological Museum unfolds unknown facts of history that is really interesting to historians and archaeologists. The Tomb of Hazrat and Kavaratti Mosques too are great places of interest for tourists as the sculptures and exquisite work of the artisans are but just too beautiful for words. The Tuna Canning Factory is a part of the package and you can see the canning process here very closely.

There are many hotels and luxurious rest houses in Lakshadweep. Planluxurytrip usually arranges for the best accommodations for its clients and for honeymooners we pick out the exclusive honeymoon suites that are exquisitely decorated to offer a romantic ambience in the rooms. The soft beds, dim lights and exclusive drapery add an extra touch of love to the honeymoon days. The hotels that stand near the coastline are just fantastic and you can watch the seas and the beauty of sunrise and sunset from the comfort of your cozy beds. The food served in these hotels is not only delicious but the hosts cater to all kinds of people who come from different lands with different tastes. However, seafood is absolutely fantastic and when touring around islands you must taste the local foods too.

Can you imagine Lakshadweep tour without water sports? This is the best place where you can let your desires spread out their wings. Enjoy unlimited fun and excitement in yachting, kayaking, canoeing, wind surfing and especially scuba diving. The underwater marine world has so much to offer you that you must not miss out when you visit Lakshadweep. Water skiing and snorkeling is also a part of the adventure trips.

Get in touch with to avail of the offers and deals that we offer if you wish to visit this amazing island region this summer. We have ready-made packages for you. You can select the ones that are convenient for you and can even customize your Lakshadweep Honeymoon Tour Packages according to your choice.

Tips to spend Holidays in a unique way

Holidays are those time of the year when you are free from rest of the stress that you carry on your back. You plan so much to spend this most precious time be it alone or be it with your friends or family. There are so many ways you can spend your holidays in a new unique way, so many options for you to choose from. So this time don’t limit yourself explore more and explore further, beyond your old monotonous routine holiday ideas. Here given below are few tips that might help you in spending your holidays in a unique way:

  1. Go on a charted yacht: what can be better than this, take your family and loved ones on a holiday in a Charter Yacht in Croatia. Away from all the hustle and bustle and crowd, away from monotonous routine stuffs, you with your loved ones on a Sailing boat in Croatia, feels great right. You can try it as well; this is something unique and really enjoyable.
  2. Cook together in backyard: everybody thinks about going out and away from home to enjoy or spend holidays but if you are with your favorite people you can enjoy anywhere and anyhow. Gather everyone in your backyard and enjoy some good food and some real good wines altogether. You can throw a barbeque party or any idea you have in your mind you are free to execute that. Being in backyard, with barbeque and wine, sunshine, this is heaven.
  3. Explore something new: don’t go where you always go, try something new this time. If you are planning to visit some other country or place try something that is less crowded or is less attracted by people, you never know what you may get to learn from there. Exploring new places is something that every traveler must do. Going to places that you already have visited is such a waste of time and money and your holidays. So pick out any country from world map, get all the required information’s and book your tickets.
  4. Surprise your family: we all love surprises, so this time you surprise your family by giving them something new and different. Like a holiday trip you all have been planning for so long but couldn’t go on because of some reason or the other. Point is to enjoy together so maybe you can even plan a surprise dinner on a beach beneath the moonlight this is not only romantic but also helps you to rejuvenate your love for your spouse. These lovely surprises strengthen your bond and of course you get to express how much you love your family.

5 Ways to Explore Europe

Europe; a Mecca for international tours, is a gorgeous continent with multiple sightseeing attractions and entertainment options. Yet, I bet, you can never see enough of it. The lush greenery, snow clad mountains and mega-dazzling cities – Europe is a stunner. You see it, experience it and love it. That’s the way it goes. You can never experience the heart of this historic yet modern, artistic yet tech-savvy continent without falling in love with it.

Take a Europe train

Euro rail and bunch of other trains connect Europe. Though, it is not surprising, it is the best way to see Europe. Take a train to Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland to see the gorgeous countryside. The glamorous cities of Europe are inter-connected so that you can see the best of Europe holiday in quickest way. Whether you hop on next inter-city or plan Europe holiday with luxury travel, train to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, France and Switzerland is the best way to go.

Spoil yourself on Europe beaches

Europe has some of the most breathtaking beaches. Seems cliche, I know. Yet, the fresh and scenic beaches in and around Europe have the perfect holiday experience. Rabbit beach in Islands of Sicily has the golden sand and the most exotic combination of fishes for snorkeling. Rhossili Bay in UK, Playa de las Catedrales in Spain and Cala Mariolu in Italy are exceptional. Witness the miracle of nature as these pristine beaches blow your mind away with their simplicity and beauty.

Enrich with art tour of Europe

As a historic continent, it has vast collections of art. From the Byzantine period to Renaissance era, Europe has the most amazing art to explore. It lies in the Prague architecture, it lies in museums of France and it lies in the churches and basilicas of Vatican. Europe is an art lover’s dream destination. It is truly fulfilling international tour for wanderer too. Witness the footprint of historic geniuses as they made the most magnificent creations humanly possible.

When you visit Europe, you don’t need to visit a landmark, village or art gallery to see the culture of thousands of years. You can see it in the beer garden of Germany. You can see it in the opera house of Vienna. You can catch a glimpse of it from a cafe in France or a hotel in Rome. It is the ever-present phenomenon in food, dance, people and the lifestyle. So, don’t forget to get the memories of the local culture too.