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3 Popular Destinations in Europe

The new year days are apt time to plan a trip with your family or friend circles and instill the element of human relationships in the concept of imploring sweet relations, which is imperative in today’s day and age where everyone is busy with their personal life. Book Europe holiday tour packages at a travel company and explore some of the cherished tourist places in and around Europe and its adjoining countries.

This article explains the three most visiting European places you can choose for this new year period.


With its breathtaking cultures, amiable locals, mesmerizing culinary experiences and beautiful natural beauty, Paris is a favorite destination for travelers. The city is known as the most romantic destination on the global ground. The quaint outdoor cafe and picturesque riverside are so dynamic that anyone falls in love with Paris. Exploring fabulous landmarks like Eiffel Tower is much exciting for first time visitor. Tourists coming here enjoy sipping wine at the Montmarte Vineyards, cruising in the Seine River, visiting Louvre Museum. etc. Really, Paris is one of the most charming places to trip with family.


Germany of today is a rhythmic country. The city like Munich in this country is called the ‘beer capital’ of the world. It is both – vibrant and pulsating. One who has tasted beer of Munch say “Beer of Munich is more than just a drink. It’s a legend!” Berlin, Germany’s capital, is another city, known worldwide for its historical procurement. The Berlin Wall is a romanticized symbol of many historic events. Its brilliantly stained facade deceptively hides its chilling past. There are at least 170 museums and many palaces making Berlin a unique place. You can also see are many other large cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Dresden. They are the best for a similar mix of family fun and culture.


There is a popular saying ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans’. It is one of the fantastic pieces of advice, you must heed while exploring the Italian capital. The imposing columns of Colosseum explains an interesting story of blood and bravery. Don’t fail to climb the dome of St Peter’s Basilica. It given a matchless experience.

Considering Venice, it is the water wonderland: traveller’s dream. The famed waterways with beautiful gondolas are a Venetian trademark. Quaint houses, bridges, and myriad palaces dot this city. You will be smitten by its old world charm. Every inch of Venice oozes an resistless sense of romance.

If you want to do adventurous junkies, Rom presents you Italy, which is the home to some best skiing resorts. You will bump into the odd professional skier or celebrity as you whiz down the snowy slopes!