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The Benefit of Online Hotel Booking before Travelling

Gone are the days when travelers with last minute arrangements to a getaway would be stranded just because reservations couldn’t be made. This is the age of online hotel booking. As long as you have access to the internet, you can get the best deal available not only on your stay but also your travel.

Did you know that 67% of Indians today choose online hotel booking? This is what a recent article in The Indian Express revealed. Being intuitive, this mode of reserving accommodation affords speed so as to let customers skim over the details and varieties with ease.

Why Choose Online Hotel Booking?

Online hotel booking provides variety and a number of beneficial deals to choose from. Customers can conduct thorough research and compare prices and terms of offers before making an informed decision. Plus, you get several other benefits as well, such as:

Saving on costs

Online hotel booking lets you save in a big way. You could use your savings for shopping, sightseeing and other expenses. Popular hotel booking websites let you have a share of their profits, which they not only incur through their flourishing business but also by avoiding the overheads one has to pay for a brick and mortar office.

Picture this – when you book through a travel agent, you end up paying commissions initially and the taxes applicable afterwards. On the other hand, when you book online, you can save money by cashing in on information about discounts on new branches being started in places you might want to go to. There is no reason not to believe in the profits that online hotel booking can provide, since the online mode is cheaper than maintaining a physical office and the sites transfer these savings to customers in the form of offers and deals. Cashing in on the competition on the web these days, you can avail the best prices from already low-cost deals!

Privacy & Safety

Stringent privacy regulations for travel websites ensure that they keep the customer’s information safe and confidential. The information customers share during online hotel booking is personal and therefore sensitive. The site/company might use this information for specific purposes instrumental to the tour program, updating customers on offers of products and services, confirmation updates, managing customer accounts and customizing their experience, and processing bills, among others. The information is kept strictly private and not shared with any third party without the consent of the customer. Today, the rules and regulations call for stringent security measures, which reputed sites ensure that they comply with at all times.

Online hotel booking not only allows you to make last minute bookings, but offers reasons that are big enough to sit at that computer and embark on a profit making spree.

Tips for travelling hassle-free in winter

This morning when you opened the bedroom window, you may found cold wind brazing of your face and arms. That’s when you realize that winter has finally arrived in the city and its time for the vacations.

Winter is the vacation season for many people like you, who toil around the whole year and look forward to blow off the steam by the year end. You may be planning to visit your hometown this winter, or may be making plans to spend some fine moments with your loved ones at a lavished destination.

Travelling is the inseparable part of every vacation and you may be in search for the best travel package, which is cheaper and luxurious. Many of you may even have a travel agent, or may resort solitary internet search.

Before you go looking for the best travel packages this winter, take a look at these 3 common, but unfollowed tips that will make your journey hassle-free.

1. Look for a local vendor that offers travel solutions

Many of you may have the habit of following bigger brand in travel industry, while booking your vacation packages. It is true that they offer attractive deals that will save you money. But there are numerous testimonials on the internet shouting loudly about the poor hotels some of these packages include. You can avoid this biased deal by checking out with local travel agents, who will be more transparent while disclosing the details of the package. You can even bargain with them and secure a great deal for yourself.

2. Book the flights yourself

Most of the travel packages come with integrated travel options, which include flight bookings. Its winter; the sky will become foggy and the weather is going to turn bad. Amidst these conditions, there are high chances of your flight being cancelled. Also, the travel packages are known to book cheaper flights or flights with longer commute time. Now, who will like to be stranded on an airport or spend half the day in the flight seat in vacations? So, it’s better to search for the flights yourself.

3. Timings of travel matter

Try to book your vacation weeks before it starts. Travellers who rely on last moment bookings are known to pay more as compared to early bookers. Similarly, choose flights in morning and avoid evening flights in your travel package. If you are booking the flights yourself, then don’t get lured away with cheaper flight deals that will lengthen your travel.

Have a Plan B, in case your main travel plan fails due to some reasons. Remember, travelling somewhere is always better than travelling nowhere for vacations.

3 Popular Destinations in Europe

The new year days are apt time to plan a trip with your family or friend circles and instill the element of human relationships in the concept of imploring sweet relations, which is imperative in today’s day and age where everyone is busy with their personal life. Book Europe holiday tour packages at a travel company and explore some of the cherished tourist places in and around Europe and its adjoining countries.

This article explains the three most visiting European places you can choose for this new year period.


With its breathtaking cultures, amiable locals, mesmerizing culinary experiences and beautiful natural beauty, Paris is a favorite destination for travelers. The city is known as the most romantic destination on the global ground. The quaint outdoor cafe and picturesque riverside are so dynamic that anyone falls in love with Paris. Exploring fabulous landmarks like Eiffel Tower is much exciting for first time visitor. Tourists coming here enjoy sipping wine at the Montmarte Vineyards, cruising in the Seine River, visiting Louvre Museum. etc. Really, Paris is one of the most charming places to trip with family.


Germany of today is a rhythmic country. The city like Munich in this country is called the ‘beer capital’ of the world. It is both – vibrant and pulsating. One who has tasted beer of Munch say “Beer of Munich is more than just a drink. It’s a legend!” Berlin, Germany’s capital, is another city, known worldwide for its historical procurement. The Berlin Wall is a romanticized symbol of many historic events. Its brilliantly stained facade deceptively hides its chilling past. There are at least 170 museums and many palaces making Berlin a unique place. You can also see are many other large cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Dresden. They are the best for a similar mix of family fun and culture.


There is a popular saying ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans’. It is one of the fantastic pieces of advice, you must heed while exploring the Italian capital. The imposing columns of Colosseum explains an interesting story of blood and bravery. Don’t fail to climb the dome of St Peter’s Basilica. It given a matchless experience.

Considering Venice, it is the water wonderland: traveller’s dream. The famed waterways with beautiful gondolas are a Venetian trademark. Quaint houses, bridges, and myriad palaces dot this city. You will be smitten by its old world charm. Every inch of Venice oozes an resistless sense of romance.

If you want to do adventurous junkies, Rom presents you Italy, which is the home to some best skiing resorts. You will bump into the odd professional skier or celebrity as you whiz down the snowy slopes!

Bus trip Vijayawada to Hyderabad

Travelling by bus can be really hectic. But, it is also the most commonly available transport means because of its flexibility. Vijayawada to Hyderabad bus services is many, but to choose the most comfortable bus ride, one needs to be generous with the pocket. There are multiple sites, today and one can easily book these bus tickets through their credit or debit cards. Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh is one of the top tourist destinations in Southern India. Lakhs of tourists every year throng here, to capture the beauty of this place. This place is a great business place, and also has great historical importance. Bus is the common means of transport between the surrounding cities and Vijayawada. The popular cities from where multiple bus services are connected to Vijayawada include Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Warangal, Bangalore, Thirupati, Nellore, Chittor and Hyderabad. The distance between Hyderabad and Vijayawada is 273 Kms. The journey is quite strenuous as it takes about 5-6 hours to reach Vijayawada from Hyderabad.

One can book online bus for this trip

Online booking is the most hassle free method of availing the best bus service for this trip. One can make online payments and choose the bus type he would like to travel by. The types include AC, non-AC, Volvo, etc. The city of pearls, Hyderabad, has a popular of more than 4 million, and is of the most outstandingly attractive places in India. People here travel both as tourist and as merchants. The top industries here are biotechnology, Information Technology, pharmaceuticals etc.

Sites not to miss here

The second largest film industry in India, the Telugu Film industry is found in this state. The places of historical interest that makes bus booking completely worthwhile include, Nehru Zoological Park, Quli Qutub Shah Tombs, Chowmohalla Palace, Husain Sagar Lake, Golconda Fort, Salar Jung Museum, Charminar, Ramoji Film City, and Himayat Sagar Lake etc. There is also no shortage of entertainment in this place as it is replete with markets, shopping malls, multiplexes etc. The top languages spoken by the people there are Urdu, English and Telugu. Its cuisine is also very famous one should never miss the special biryani of Hyderabad.

The best seasons for a Hyderabad tour

The October to February period is the best time to visit this place, because of the pleasant weather that prevails there. Hot summers and mild pleasant winters are the characteristic weather conditions of this city. There is no dearth of hotels in Hyderabad, and one can find everything from a cheaper hotel to the most luxurious five star grand hotels. Therefore, booking this trip would be a complete feast for the body and mind.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and over the years, it has lived up to its reputation of being so. For those who love history and culture, this is the best place to be and take back all the charm and hue of the place. Therefore, book the bets bus service today and make it to this absolutely stunning place.

Things About Uganda Safaris Tours

If you are anxious to spend a memorable holiday and searching for the best destination, Uganda Safaris Tours could be a great option for you. It offers lots of exotic tourist spots and wonderful activities. Officially recognized as the Republic of Uganda, it offers great opportunities for those who flock to the nation for Safari holidays by offering a number of reserves and also several national parks wherein you will get a wonderful opportunity to explore some famous African landscapes. If you have great love for animal, then Uganda will be the most suitable places for you.

There are several tourist spots, attractions, and various important activities to choose from the available list at internet to make your holiday special and exciting. So, it is quite necessary for you to plan your trip in a proper way before making your way to the place.

Here are several important places that are quite popular among tourists and famous for offering a plethora of attractions.

Bwindi impenetrable national park

As the name suggests, it is known to be home to more than half of the remaining world gorilla population. Visitors who come to Uganda never miss to explore the mind blowing beauty of Bwindi and get exciting glimpses of such gorillas. Besides, the park also houses forest elephant, colobus monkey, bushbucks, baboons, chimpanzees, duikers, and more, and drew attention of many visitors. It is also known to be a hot destination for those who are excited to see different species of birds.

Murchison Falls National Park

This park lets you grab a wonderful opportunity to see varieties of animals like Ugandan kobs, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, and many more. Moreover, getting a wonderful view of falls certainly amuse you a lot, which enables you, enjoy wonderful rides and other activities.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National park is called one of the most favorite tourist spots in Uganda, sprawled over approximate 2000 sq km and surrounded by Rwenzori Mountains in the north and Lake Edward in the west. It offers enchanting locations that certainly get rid of your stress and also let you explore huge fun and joy. As far as activities are concerned, it of course offers several outstanding activities that include bird watching safaris, wildlife tours, and chimpanzee tracking.

Lake Mburo National Park

This park is called a great sanctuary of those species that are not found in other parks, these species include Burchell’s zebra, Eland, and Impala. When it comes to activities, it prompts you to engage yourself in some pleasant activities such as bird watching, fishing excursions, guided safaris and more.

Tips for Finding Flight Online

When travelling, even to the most affordable destinations, the biggest chunk of money usually goes into booking flight tickets. But with a bit of dedication, patience and resourcefulness you will be able to find a ticket to suit your pocket, as the internet is bursting with great flight deals and holiday packages.

If you haven’t been away on holiday yet, and if you still have some money left after the festive season, you should try booking your holiday for either January or February. These are often the best times to catch great travel specials. Here are some tips that may help you find the best possible flight deals:

Know about the best days and times to book

Many do not know that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are usually the cheapest days to travel, and while searching for great flight and travel deals, you should keep this in mind. Fridays and Sundays are usually the busiest days when it comes to flights, and as a result they are also the most expensive. Then the time of the day can also make a considerable difference in terms of prices. The cheapest flights are early morning flights, then lunch time flights, then dinner-time flights. Tuesdays at 15h00 ET is when most discounted flight tickets hit the websites, so keep a special eye out on those days. Most specials that appear on that day usually expire on the Thursday, so be quick.

Follow travel sites on Twitter

An excellent flight special could be tweeted any minute of the day or week, so start following travel sites on Twitter. The best deals are sometimes only valid for a couple of days or hours and an amazingly low airfare may just be their next tweet. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Sign up for newsletters and alerts

Another great way to bring holiday deals and discounts to you is by signing up for email alerts and travel newsletters from online travel sites. This virtually eliminates the need for hunting down car rental, accommodation and flight specials and brings you up-to-the-minute, low priced travel deals. Being on a mailing list is almost essential, especially when you get closer to the date where you will be booking your flights.

Let Google do all the legwork

There are many different flights specials and even fully comprehensive travel packages available and they can all be conveniently booked via the many travel and ticketing sites that are available on the internet. Browse for special deals and compare prices and you will quickly find a flight or travel package that suits your specific requirements. Booking and paying online is safe and secure.

Don’t procrastinate

As soon as you have an idea of when you want to go on holiday, start looking for flights online. Planning and booking well in advance is a good idea as airlines usually only release a certain, limited number of cheap flight tickets per flight. Start searching and comparing early, and you will have the best chances at the best tickets at the best prices.

Tips for planning a vacation to Europe

Before you can relish the authentic Spanish tapas, or experience the natural beauty of the rooftop terraces in Prague, there is a list of important things that you need to note down.

First and foremost, it is important to get your obvious documents in place. Make sure you have your passport and visa ready!

For Indian Passport holders, a Schengen Visa might be required. Travelling on a Schengen Visa means that the visa holder can travel to all member countries (22 EU states – excludes the UK) using one single visa, avoiding the hassle and cost of obtaining individual visas for each country. This is great for travelers who wish to visit several EU countries on the same journey.

If you are planning to rent a car there, make sure you have a valid car license of your hometown and the international driving permit.

For a well-planned escape to Europe, you also need to establish a budget; one of the most important things is to check the relevant foreign exchange rates online. Knowing the currency value will help you in deciding your trip budget with ease and will ease your shopping decision when wanting to compare prices with your home-country.

An international foreign currency exchange specialist like Travelex can provide great exchange rates at zero commission when you reserve your travel money on their website. Their online currency converter is also very useful in comparing different exchange rates. You can also request a free home delivery and their Forex experts are always happy to help.

Once you are decided on your budget and you know how much you will be spending approximately, choose the places that should be on your must-visit list, surf the internet and check out important matters such local hotels and accommodations, sightseeing, things to do, local food and delicacies, shopping, prices, any seasonal events as well as the weather forecast.

It is important to decide on a travel itinerary and think about local transport options and the approximate duration it takes before you take off to the continent. This will help you in understanding the amount of time you will consume in traveling.

Keeping all these things in place will definitely allow you to enjoy and have a memorable holiday.

Happy travel!

Ways be a traveler which happy and Healthy Life

  1. Improve your social skills. Making new friends is one of the benefits of being a traveler. Chatting with your hotel roommate, making small talks with your seat-mate on a train, or joining a lively discussion at a local bar can improve your social skills especially when you travel alone. If new situations make you anxious, traveling is a great way to get you relaxed.
  2. Reduce stress. A remarkable approach to rejuvenate and relieve yourself is taking some time to relax. Staying at home and building up your energy is a good way, but being a traveler can free you from the daily chores and responsibilities. You can focus on yourself for the moment, and you will get your lost passion for life.
  3. Fulfill your goals. Make a trip checklist, and cross out the items one by one, so you can stay targeted and motivated. It can include visiting someplace or finishing a feat like ascending a mountain, mastering a dialect. Your achievements can build up your confidence and give you a sense of accomplishments.
  4. Stay fit. You seldom follow the convention once you get addicted into being traveler. You may spontaneously stop to enjoy the roadside scenery. Keeping walking without feeling tired — this wonderful experience will surprise you. Now you wish more — better views and more difficult hiking. When you go back home, you will exercise more to get ready for more challenging hiking. And you begin to look forward to conquer a new goal.
  5. Be more adaptable. Sometimes things go against your wishes in a trip. Your flights may be canceled, or you’re well-prepared for an epic outdoor expenditure but it rains. It’s okay– you can take another flight or change to bus or train, or you may find a bookstore or cafe worth patronizing in that rainy day. Being a traveler makes you open-minded, adaptable and take things as they come.
  6. Be more patient. Waiting is common in a trip. You have to wait in line for a flight or a meal. Learn to deal with waiting, or chat with the people near to you, or be calm in a frustrating situation, these will teach you how to be patient in different situations.
  7. Good for enhancing affection. A survey shows that the couple traveling together has a better relationship. Though a trip can’t improve your relationship, it can combine your relationship at least. You both can enjoy a relaxed moment without worrying about family chores like washing dishes or walking the dog.

Choose luxury Travel destinations

Luxury travel is all about relaxation and peace – to spend best times without looking at the cost or expenditure. For the greatest and refreshing vacation the traveler can pick the place by browsing the internet. Since, the introduction of the internet and online travel portals luxury travelers has found a great platform to choose the best luxury destination for the escapade. In luxury travel services become exclusive as prices of those service goes up.

Luxury travel is anyone’s lifetime desire – spending the day on the ice, sleeping in a Paris hotel for weeks and cruising on the sea. In every sense, Luxury travel is to pamper yourself with the best things of the world. There are Luxury travel adviser who can give you idea of places to visit which have all the myriad character of the world to spoil you. They work as agents and will provide you with extensive details about the place, language and culture to formalize you with your destination. You can also choose online travel guides, with all the information ready with a click of mouse.

The Luxury tour and travel operators can offer you the best possible services on the planet when it comes to traveling. They can also provide you with the access to the museum even after closing hours. This is what luxury travel advisers and operators are best at. You can always pick what you want including:

Cruises: Cruise is the best thing ever happens to the luxury travelers with the best and pampering facility in the lap of the sea. Holland America Line offers the Grand World Voyage which can take you around the world crossing six continents. The period of the sail is around 12-18 months. This is what you will find most luxurious in the world. A comfortable package which takes you to the most exotic places of the world to pamper you; On board, you can enjoy the unmatchable services.

Spas: You can witness the most beautiful and rejuvenating spas in the remote and private islands, offering you spiritual transformation.

Luxury and Adventure: Not all luxuries are adventure but adventures are luxury, in fact you can enjoy hunting in the Hawaiian mountains or can enjoy fishing on a private yacht.

Safari: A luxurious safari is a lifetime experience. Money can buy pleasure and Safaris are unadulterated pleasure. Watching wild animals, elegant and comfortable accommodation, and exemplary dining experience in the middle of nowhere is what a luxury safari can provide you.

Experience Luxury on Trains: You may have only heard about the romantic journeys by train in novel or intriguing stories of train traveling in movies. The Orient Express is epitome of luxury. The Luxury Travel Adviser operators offer private rail car with experienced staff to make it all memorable for the luxury travelers.

Reason to Visit the Queen of Hills

Originally a small hamlet amidst lush tropical Nilgiri hills, Ooty was inhabited by Toda tribes and such other folks. But today, it has become one of the most appealing hill resorts in India thronged by thousands of tourists annually. There are several reasons, which have kept tourists from far and wide pouring in to this marvelous town. Natural delights, cultural bounties, throbbing adventures and exquisite wildlife are some of that reasons. Have a look on what makes Ooty such a profound holiday spot.

Natural beauty: Visit Ooty Lake to engulf with a matchless serenity & solace, take stroll in the Botanic Gardens to soothe eyes with amazing greenery or head on to Dodebetta Peak to soak up stunning vistas of could-kissing hills and surrounding greenery. OK, leave it! Go wherever your path leads you and I’m sure you would come through a mesmeric beauty of nature. Lovely landscapes, picturesque plantations, gushing rivers and cascading waterfalls all around make Ooty truly a piece of heaven.

Heart-throbbing Adventures: Ooty is certainly the best choice for adventure-seekers and wildlife enthusiasts. A large of trekking trails makes the region a dream destination for hikers. Apart from that, trailing, fishing, motor biking and camping are other adventuresome activities you can undergo during Ooty tour. The lush green Nilgiri hills boast an exotic range of flora & fauna and are a real delight for nature-lovers and wildlife photographers.

Graceful Ooty hotels: The delightful stay in lap of nature offered by Ooty Hotels is an added attraction for Ooty travelers. Luxurious amenities, loveable hospitality and 24-hours customer services – top-star Ooty hotels have been the real enraptures for leisure travelers. Breathtaking views of surrounding landscapes leave the guests spellbound. Ooty has a wide selection of hotels to choose from. There are heritage hotels which offer contemporary amenities in traditional style; there are luxury hotels which have been enthralling the visitors through modern ambiences, and there are economical guest houses which offer quality stay at reasonable rates.

Shopping & Dining: Shopping & dining in Ooty is always a rewarding experience. Newly established shopping malls, traditional local markets and a great number of street-side stalls allow quality shopping for every need and budget. The main Bazaar is the hub for shoppers, where they buy a handsome range of goods under a single umbrella. Handmade Chocolates are popular item of shopping in Ooty. Apart from that, you can buy Jewelry, painting, pottery, and stone crafts. Don’t miss to buy quality tea or coffee from Ooty take some to home.

Ooty is a foodie’s heaven scattered with a wide range of restaurants offering a gamut of cuisines, both local and intercontinental.

When planning for Ooty tour, you better take help of a professional travel agency. A variety of Ooty packages are offered by travel companies to ensure vacationer a hassle-free and pleasurable vacation. With a careful research online, you can find your suited deal.