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Way to Avoid Excessive Data roaming charges

The Internet holds much relevance for international travelers as they need to connect with their family, friends, associates and business partners, respond to their e-mails, update their social profile with images of travel, etc. Due to high global roaming charges, accessing data in foreign countries is very expensive.

How much does data cost when abroad

Using the Internet when abroad costs a lot more than it does in the home country. You are charged for internet access by megabyte (MB) of data downloaded. Therefore, a trip abroad can affect your budget if you are not prepared well in advance. With a little planning and research you can avoid paying too much to telecom companies.

Get an international Mobile internet plan

Sign up for global roaming services with wireless international service provider before you leave your home country. By activating data services on your Global Roaming SIM, you can access a number of applications and stay connected globally anytime, anywhere. You can use Skype to make international calls; and if you have a Skype In number, people can also call you. Further, you can also use WhatsApp to send messages to other users of the application.

Be sure to understand all the terms and conditions before you leave, particularly the charges, the amount of data you’re allowed to download, and the consequences of exceeding your data limits.

Get data roaming USB

Rather than access emails from your phone, you could turn off data roaming and use a Mobile internet Card for Traveler (dongle) for your laptop to keep up to date with your e-mails. By using these cards, you can get internet access across the globe at greatly reduced rates.

International data providers in India

International wireless providers in India offer a variety of data packages for global destinations, such as add-on options for a specific service or a bundle package for calls, texts and data.

Today, these Mobile internet plans are easily available in the Indian markets. Global packages of international telecom companies are quite inexpensive and can also be accessed over the website of the company. These service providers offer specific solutions to meet the requirements of different groups of people, including business class, leisure travelers, etc.

Matrix: Leading provider of international data services

Established in 1995, Matrix Cellular is a Delhi-based company which provides complete telecommunication solutions for Indians travelling abroad. The company offers cost-effective data services for accessing internet on smartphones using GlobalRoaming SIM. By providing both international and country-specific data cards, Matrix has introduced the concept of local connectivity in India. By using these Mobile Internet Cards for Travelers, one can save big on international data roaming.

“Our International Mobile Internet Cards are tailored for business and leisure travelers looking for cost effective data services for smartphones. With these services, Matrix Cellular customers can now travel to these countries without worrying about the high cost of International Data Roaming charges,” according to Mr. Gagan Dugal, Managing Director, Matrix Cellular.